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Best Online Schools

If you or a loved one wishes to participate in distance learning than you should be interested in learning about the best online schools.  Reading about each school will help you to make a decision based on information such as requirements, accreditation and your needs rather than simple random selection.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is one of the best online schools because it is one of the most respected by both potential employers and other schools. Kaplan is regionally accredited (not worldwide) and features an innovative study program that places one advisor with 15 or less students and weekly online discussions and seminars. Study material is audio and e-book text and students are usually given one week to turn anything in. Teachers are guaranteed to be professionals in their fields and the education is always challenging if not difficult.

American InterContinental University

The American InterContinental University or AUI is a fully accredited international school offering Associates, Bachelors and Masters in a variety of fields. The school holds campuses in a number of locations including Great Britain but the study done there is 100% online. The school is very easy to enter with only a High School Diploma, GED or equivalent required for Associates and Bachelors and a rather relaxed entry exam.  Classes offered include physical instruction, online instruction through an advisor as well as hybrid sessions.

Liberty University

Liberty University makes the list of best online schools because it is one of the only fully accredited, respectable Christian universities online.  The school enrolls about 72,000 students per year with more than half of that enrolling online. The school offers a full, Christian based college education as well as Christian courses as well as a full range of courses in Law, Medical and etc. Liberty is accredited for awarding associates, masters and bachelor’s degrees and has one of the highest graduation percentages for any college.

Post University

Post University is a small but respected and fully accredited college offering online degrees in business administration, accounting, biology, criminal justice, Computer information systems, environmental science, equine management, finance, early childhood education, legal studies, management, human services and leadership. Other options include MBA’s in a variety of courses (more limited than a larger college). Post offers a unique and well planned education that is respected in most of the world (Post is distinguished for their equine management, managing and accounting degrees).

If you would like to attend an online college, consider one of the best schools online in order to assure your education is accredited and has the quality you deserve for your money.

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